Mot du président

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our new Coop Compton website. Our hope is this site will assist you in understanding all aspects of the Coop Compton. You can see and learn about our mission, values, the diverse variety of products we can provide for you in all departments, our dedicated team of administrators and employees, our various programs and incentives as well as our presence in our local community and continued support of various organizations and programs.


This year we are very proud to be celebrating our 80th anniversary of existence. The Coop Compton has seen many changes over its 80 years and many aspects of the cooperative continue to evolve and develop. As you surf our website you will see some of the various transformations over the years. We try to continue to progress with the times to fulfill the requirements of our clients. As always, changes come hand in hand with many new challenges and adjustments as well as rewards. We are a Cooperative enterprise where our members share ownership and a democratic decision making power to meet the needs and aspirations of the group. The Board of Directors does their best to represent the members of the Coop Compton and make decisions they feel are in the best interest to the overall success of the Coop. I am hopeful with this new website we will have an even greater opportunity to be connected to our members and clients and that you will share with us your perspectives and feedback as our goal is to do our best to meet the needs of our cooperative members. 


One of my profound desires is that our Coop Compton can continue to provide a quality service and products to meet the needs of all our clientele. We are considered a “smaller” “Coop” compared to some but small doesn’t mean less capable or less worthy. Like the story of the “Little Engine that Could” we continue to strive to be and do our best and with your continued support and trust I believe we can achieve great objectives. As many of you know I am a firm believer in supporting my local cooperative for a variety of reasons, I am a shareholder in the success of this business and I like that we as shareholders have a say in the direction and priorities of our enterprise. I appreciate the close proximity of the Coop and its ability to carry a vast variety of products I need, I welcome the varied expertise of the Coop team in assisting me with my business development and I value the concept of community and that we can live and work in our local milieu supporting each other in our endeavors and achievements.


So, Happy Anniversary to Coop Compton and let’s keep them coming! 

Paul Enright